You tell him sister!

Staked in the Heart

In honor of The Fourth of July, I’m going to blog about something serious, something that affects our country.

Recently, I saw a documentary on how Bill Gates was once again giving away hundreds of millions tohelp people in a foreign country. This time it was India, which is one of his favorite pits to throw money in.

Gates often gives without thinking about the negative consequences of his aid. Case in point: saving millions of newborns in India with a portable incubator. While it sounds nice in theory, the people of India are already swimming in fetid squalor due to over-population. Adding more people to the mix will only make the place more squalid. Did he not see Slumdog Millionaire? Wanna help India? Provide them with birth control.

While it’s nice to help others, America needs help right now. Bill Gates gives away 75% of his foundation’s money…

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