That’s What She Said

My post yesterday garnered many angry and passionate comments about the Sandusky/McQueary child rape story. My readers were as fired up as I was about protecting children and how these males (I think you need to earn “man”, as one poster wrote) failed to do that.

Interesting observation and I don’t know what it means, not one man commented on the post. That’s not typical for my blog. A handful of guys “liked” the post but not one commented on it. I don’t know what that means and I’m not judging men for not commenting, I am simply wondering why. I hope I was clear in my writing that I think Mike McQueary is an anomaly. I disagree with the author’s very premise that Mike McQueary is representative of American men today.

I told my sister, Molly, about it this morning and we were both baffled by the lack of comments from men. Molly looked at the greater issue of as a society, are we unwilling to risk our comfort for someone else? Are we too prepared to look the other way and think someone else will take care of the child being raped, the dog being beaten, the old woman crossing the street?

I asked my sister Katie what she thought of the lack of comments from men and she wrote:

“I think it’s like I said in my post, a lot of people will attribute this to “old boys club” which is exactly what this is not.  Not really sure, if I were a man, I’d want to wade into a commenting war trying to convince people this isn’t about manhood or culture or institutions.   Institutions can be wonderful things for men and that isn’t the issue here (I think the author of this article had a horrid thesis to begin with) this issue is that Mike McQueary and his father and Joe Paterno proved to be spineless asshats and helped a child rapist to evade punishment.”

I don’t know and perhaps I am overthinking this (wouldn’t be the first time.) Perhaps it isn’t that interesting? Perhaps men feel defensive?

Any thoughts?

Also I like putting in memes just for my own entertainment.

This one’s rather evil.


Some Emails from Other “Women”

I have been receiving some odd emails lately. I don’t know why they have started arriving in my Inbox but once a week or so, I get one. I don’t know what to do, how to respond. They are flattering but I’m in a committed relationship so I don’t think it would be right to respond. I don’t want to lead anyone on. It is another problem faced by the incurably popular, like me.

“Swarm would whisk answered, but the surly sunday kissed mastiff. Adversary told me that instinct dreaded out that I ought to collect flogged. Lillian Montoya”

“Immensely pronouncement deaden that perplexity compartment is blathered voluntarily in polar proportions.”

Lillian Romero

+2 916 725 59 54

The Lillians LOVE me. Poor girls.

“We can communicate perfectly, because I like people like you. and if ever I have to let you go.

I’m sure we will still be together. I can send you some photos with me…

compose me few words to my email:


“Hey! Pretty girl is writing 2 u =)
Respond me… be quick!

“Hi sweety.
Frankly I don’t know you, but … So, couple of days ago I took sister’s PC to visit a website , there I saw you. I’m Erin Mullen. My last boyfriend was rude, so I break…  So I’m free and ready to date with some1 attractive.”

Erin doesn’t know me but she does realize I am some1 attractive. And she’s Irish.

That’s it for now, I have some correspondence to take care of.

30 thoughts on “That’s What She Said

  1. Umm, that is rather strange about the lack of male comments. BTW, my comment about a “good ole’ boys club” certainly wasn’t meant to be taken as offensively; just my opinion (and maybe not understanding the whole issue because to me this kind of thing does still exist, especially in these kind of institutions or maybe I’m dense).

    And those emails…that is wayyy creepy. Ewww.

    1. cheese&buttersister

      Brigitte, the Old Boys Club certainly does still exist, as I said yesterday, those “OBC” members would look the other way if their co-worker was playing grab ass with the secretary, but those same men wouldn’t just walk away if they spotted a co-worker raping a little boy. This is about the lack of character of the men involved and the men who were aware of what was happening.

  2. You get way more interesting email than I do, Maggie. Meanwhile I wonder why the mens didn’t chime in one way or another. The representatives of the XX chromosome pairing whose blogs I read are all very smart, thoughtful, open-minded folk, surely they’re not being shy all of a sudden. This affects them as much as it affects the womenfolk.

  3. Anonymous


    My sister does intervention/awareness for a living in Dutchess county NY- it is a huge issue and not to be taken lightly. Think about screening coaches an teachers and all in authority . I am horrified by her stories of molestation.

    I watched catch a predator on cable for a bit but that was too F’ed up. Who would.. As a 40 yr old want to ‘date’ a cheerleader who is 13? I played sports in HS. The coaches had their own showers the ‘kids’ had theirs and we never had an adult in the locker room. The whole thing creeps me out. My formative years might have been unusual with fishing all day and camping in the back yard ard and going to neighbors houses for hours and my parents neve worried.. . But I never felt threatened . There was a social web in my neighborhood and the moms called if something was amiss. And we knew what houses were off limits. I think kids today have a disconnect with their family and community. I had a big family so we were always on guard for each other. We knew where our bikes were, went into the woods with a freind, never alone.

    So I don’t get this case. I read he full complaint and talked with my guy freinds about it -all were disgusted by this being allowed to happen when it was obviously odd.(to say the least-a non family adult showering with a minor) Anytime an adult non parent is naked with a young person is wrong. Regardless of sexual activity. Any couch that saw t and didn’t say anything is so lying and wrong or just stupid. It just would make me call 911.

    Is that good enough? For feed back with a male. I did have a classmate that walked around he locker room with a ice pop in his mouth watching s all change into our uniforms… Disturbing, yes, but he was our age and we addressed that as teenage boys would.

  4. Why no men commented I have no clue, but I have some insight on the email thing. My husband was talking to me about those “your aunt in Kenya died and you inherited money” emails. He read an article about how they intentionally use poor grammar and spelling to weed out people who might catch a whiff that they are being scammed. They figure if you are so obtuse that you think an email littered with grammatical errors is legit then you will most likely keep buying their song and dance. Then they won’t waste their precious swindling time on those with brains. I totally think Lillian is legit. I might give her a ring and just tell her I’m Mags. 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    It’s more complicated. Key words and misspelling of key words are sold on the net … Mis spells are cheaper… So if you typed obooma it is cheaper to buy your e mail adress to focus market you as a political person. If you typed nachoos you’d be a food target and get this pop up ads. I did this for. A while..nit proud, but hey….

  6. I think with women it’s that maternal instinct on overdrive. I don’t know why no men posted. My husband has been outraged since the story first broke and he found the lack of action by Joe Paterno et al unconscionable from the git go.

    1. Women do go into overdrive….that mama bear instinct whether they have kids or not. And of course your husband was outraged! That’s what pissed me off about the article was don’t lump all men in with McQueary…grrrr….

  7. Maybe it’s not feeling defensive, it is feeling ashamed of having to share the same gender as this so called man? I feel ashamed of my fellow human beings sometimes. Sometimes words fail me, especially when it is something as traumatic and scummy as rape.

  8. First, sorry for sending all of the weird emails, I just get nervous talking to women. Second, Madame Weebles seems to know me all too well. And C. I have been a bit out of touch and behind on the blog world so I just read your last two posts. I did comment but didn’t read through the others to notice the lack of male input. I am not sure the reason, I mean I wouldn’t consider myself very emotional at all but this story makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. All very thought provoking and interesting subject matter which is one of the reasons you are awesome.

  9. I think the reason McCreary didn’t take proper action was because he didn’t want to rock the boat and possibly lose his job.

    He was only thinking of himself. He rationalized that if he told JoePa he passed the responsibility on to him.

    Why haven’t men responded as much as women? Probably because this whole situation makes normal men feel very disgusted and uncomfortable.

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