Alert Dog Wakes Human for Something

June 22, Portland, Oregon – Mudd, a 135-pound, rottweiller/black lab mix woke his human, Maggie at 4:45 a.m. by whining loudly while standing on his hind legs with his forelegs on the window sill forcefully pushing at the window screen with his nose. Maggie, heart pounding after being woken from a sound sleep, yelled at Mudd to stop it. When the dog was unwilling to stand down, Maggie got out of bed to look out the window for herself. She saw nothing, no movement and could hear nothing. Mudd was instructed to LIE DOWN, goddammit! The dog lied down just long enough for Maggie to almost return to sleep and then was up again, resting his nose on the window sill breathing heavily and whining.

Maggie thrashed around getting tangled in her bedding, got out of bed, tripped over the dog, looked out the window and saw nothing. She whisper screamed at Mudd to get on the bed, after a minute more of checking the window, Mudd complied. Maggie had 90 minutes left to sleep before her phone alarm went off. She was able to drift back to sleep in time for Mudd to sit up and look out the window, lie down, snap his head up to look out the window, lie down, whine, stand on the bed.

When asked to comment, Mudd told this reporter, “I thought there was something out there. But I couldn’t see anything. I think there was something. What?! Right there! Oh, it’s nothing.”

Maggie’s comments were not suitable for a family publication.

Mudd is exhausted after night of vigilance.

37 thoughts on “Alert Dog Wakes Human for Something

  1. I’m currently visiting my mother, and a few nights ago, her dog went NUTS at about half past two. Even though I love that corgi, I was ready to personally kill her.

    1. It makes me crazy because it’s the same every time and there is never anything there. Sometimes he gets frantic to run outside and I let him out and he runs like a thoroughbred in a circle in the yard and then comes back in. Oh thank God I have a guard dog!

  2. Andrew

    Whenever we dog sit for our friends when they leave for a weekend, we have trouble sleeping. Whenever the dog starts to sleep, he starts dreaming. And that means barking and howling. We have a small apartment, so we can’t escape the sound. It’s awful. But he’s so cute when he’s awake, we still watch him. Sigh…oh dogs.

  3. My pup will bark (with ear-splitting precision) for no apparent reason. I think she sees fairies that I don’t see dancing around. Or maybe ghosts. Maybe Mudd knows more than you think he does…..just sayin’….:).

          1. A fellow blogger told me someone was trying to change my gravitar to Cackbadger. So again, I’m getting all verklempt. I just thought it was kind of funny…the word and all. :).

          2. So do I!!! I tried to comment on a fellow blogger’s post and couldn’t. It was coming through as anonymous and she tells me the WP peeps caught it, that someone was trying to change my gravatar to read that way, (I’m so ignorant of such things), but seriously…it’s kind of creeping me out.

    1. I forgot to put the part in where Mudd would let any intruder/rapist/pillager into the house and point him in the direction of the woman and children if only the guy will give him a kong

  4. Oh, poor, misunderstood Mudd. He was obviously trying to keep you from harm; that sounds like an alien alert bark! Dogs know before humans when the aliens are landing; thanks to Mudd, you don’t have an alien baby growing inside, just waiting to burst out! Good dog, Mudd! ๐Ÿ˜€ And you whisper screamed at him? I think he deserves a special treat from you! lol
    I enjoyed your story! ~Rainey

  5. My aunt has a terrier and an alarm system. She’s also deaf, so, someone can break through the alarm system and walk past the violently yapping terrier and she’d sleep through the whole thing. I’m not sure what the point is here that I’m trying to make, so, I’m going to go back to my book.

  6. My little dog is quite short-sighted so at night she barks at shadows, phantom possums, phantom foxes, you name it. But she still makes me feel safe. Maybe there was something out there and Mud sensed it. Maybe all the wakefulness and lights going on and off scared it/them away. If this is not something Mud does often then maybe she really was protecting you… from something . ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hahaha! At least your dog can wake you up if somehow something is wrong. If my four pound yorkie ever tried to warn me of stranger danger I would probably sleep right through it.

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