Reunion 2012: Oh Won’t You Stay Just a Little Bit Longer

Here are the latest updates:

Kim, the same Kim who told me approximately what time I departed the tents Friday night, put a link to this article on the dangers of Clear Care in the comments section yesterday.

Quote: Hydrogen peroxide will cause a caustic burn if it gets in the eyes, confirmed Dr. Thomas Steinemann, a clinical correspondent for the American Academy of Ophthalmology and a professor of ophthalmology at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.

“Holy cow, if you put the lens in your eye with fresh peroxide on it, you might as well have lighted a fire in your eye,” he said.

That’s right, Dr. Steinemann!!! My EYE was on FIRE!!!

I didn’t really know Kim when we were in school but I always thought she was the sort of person who started reading the Wall Street Journal when she was 6. So if Kim says things, they must be true. I left the tents between 12 and 1 on Friday night and Clear Care will set your eye on fire. Thank you Kim.

Kim is in the red. She is with Caroline who won Best Person Ever to Graduate in Colgate’s Class of 1987.

The Class of ’87 has another blogger who is clearly doing this blog thing way more successfully than I am. I have written about Eddie’s blog before HERE and you must read the Garrubbo Guide this week because Eddie also talks about Reunion.

Thanks to Eddie’s website, I’m starving and I’m definitely having pasta for lunch.

There has also been an ugly rumor floating around that I did, in fact, have wings and taters and just don’t remember. I don’t think I did. I remember dancing and seeing pizza boxes and being bummed there were no wings and taters. I believe that if I had had wings and taters there would have been some physical evidence of that, wing DNA under my fingernails or blue cheese on my jacket, nuthin’. It was the other Maggie who got to have wings and she didn’t alert me to their presence. She’s such a pickle. And you know what else? Maggie invented I Heart Radio or at least that is what I have told my kids so I am famous by association, at least in my daughters’ eyes.

Jackie, Jen (who I didn’t “see”) and the other more famous Maggie in my apartment in 1987.

Do you see Jackie’s little wave in that photo? She still does that. Jackie emailed me this morning, “Maggie O, I am experiencing some serious post-reunion blues!!  Or maybe its just missing the wings and taters.  Either way, coming back to reality from camp chenango valley was way harder than I expected.

I’m with Jackie. I think that was one of our best reunion’s ever. I think it’s because we are no longer trying to impress each other. We are too old to worry about it, we are who we are and actually I think we seem pretty happy with ourselves.

Caroline, pictured above with Kim, made a senior video for our class way back when. I still have my VHS copy of it. I have been meaning to have it put on DVD BUT I didn’t have to because we got DVDs at Reunion! Last night I had a few glasses of wine and lucky Derwood (my beau) got to listen to me tell stories about everyone in the class and then Ta DAH! He got to watch the DVD accompanied by me pointing at people and shouting their names and interrupting myself to tell more stories and singing “climbin’ up on Strawberry Hill”. He is a good and patient man.

And Caroline, you need to remember to buy a share of the Green Bay Packers, you told Mark Murphy you would.

In closing, there is some stuff missing:

  • my camera is still with Geoff
  • my curling iron but that could be in my bedroom which still is mess from my unpacking. Glad I brought that because I spent a lot of time curling my hair for the weekend.
  • Judy’s flat iron
  • my Sonicare toothbrush
  • my face scrubble (yes, it’s called scrubble)
  • Lucy’s sweater

If you have any of this stuff, hold on to it, we’ll be back in five years.

12 thoughts on “Reunion 2012: Oh Won’t You Stay Just a Little Bit Longer

  1. Kim

    Here’s what I know…

    I did have a Maggie sighting past midnight.
    I did not see Maggie eating Taters or Wings.
    Caroline is indeed the best person ever to graduate in the Class of ’87.
    I did not read the WSJ at age 6, but I do read it now because our classmate Suzann works there and she likes that we read it.
    I have none of your stuff, but I will definitely be back in five years and will help you look.

    1. Thank you KIm. I think your endorsement will quash the rumors of my eating wings and taters. Does it count if I have an online account with WSJ? And thanks, I hope my toothbrush is still there, it’s a hassle to pack.

  2. Jane T

    What do I think of you? I think you rock! I think you are one of the funniest people I know and I knew in college that your inner Erma would serve you well. Keep blogging cause I will keep reading and laughing.

  3. I see what you mean about reunions getting better as time goes on because you aren’t trying to impress people. I’m a young pup, I’m not even up to my first high school reunion yet, but part of me dreads it because I know it will be a lot of bullshit and people coming up to me who I don’t remember. Thanks to this new thing called the internet, I already am in touch with everyone I care about 🙂

  4. Susie Kinkead

    More importantly, Maggie, what’s with the curling iron? Didn’t those go out with cowlnecks and docksiders? Did you not see those cringe-worthy pictures on our badges with all that Big Hair? Or maybe it was just my perm??

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