Reunion 2012: Fairest Theme of All Our Lays

For you non-Red Raiders, this blog’s title is an actual line from the Colgate Alma Mater composed in 1902. And known for making incoming freshman (freshpeople, freshpersons) snicker every September.

Where did I leave off?

Early on Friday night I had discussions that I clearly remember. I remember telling Eric, that he has grown into one handsome guy. And telling Sarah that her husband is also a very distinguished looking grown up; he used to freak me out freshman year because he sort of dressed like a homeless person and would do the aforementioned skiing down Stillman hill while carrying a back pack, smoking and carrying a giant cup of some sort of liquid, could have been coffee, could have been water, could have been bourbon. HAHAHAHA….I’m just kidding there’s no way Sammy was carrying around a giant cup of water.

I clearly remember making sure to eat dinner from the bbq tent because I must eat when I know power drinking is coming. I talked to Lisa and Janet and Julie. I talked to Jon, another handsome grown up who I haven’t seen since we graduated. Jon was in charge of protecting his friend, Jeff, from me for years. Jeff hasn’t come to reunion, I don’t think. Part of that may be because he was busy being a stud doctor escorting wounded soldiers out of Iraq or perhaps it’s because he lives in terror of Maggie continuing to hunt him like big game.

My good friend Adam is the drummer in the ’87 band with Johnny the singer (who as I remember it, used to only sing “Walk on the Wild Side” but has since expanded his repertoire) and Dave (whose cute wife was nice enough to point out on Saturday that I was one of the few dancers on Friday night….I’m a private dancer) and there’s one or two other guys, who I can’t remember right now.

I don’t remember the tent being so red Friday night but I wasn’t with me that much.

One of my friends took early retirement on Friday night and left around 8:30. When her husband got back to the souvenir apartment, she was “sleeping” with the top half of her on her bed but still standing on the floor. Pretty riding boots on, jacket on, but she was resting like that. The best part of that is that these are two Colgate people and he asked her why she had left the tents!? Normal people don’t question someone’s condition when they have had so much to drink that they literally face plant on their bed. Just ran out of steam, honey.

And the band played on and Maggie danced on. Maggie was so taken with her dancing that she missed the wings and taters and I am PISSED about that.

You can’t tell from the map but Ye Olde Pizza Pub has the best wings and taters EVER.

Neal commented on my dancing when I saw him on Saturday night. I don’t recall seeing Neal on Friday and I felt bad having to tell him that my “dancing” might have been more aptly labeled “bobbing and weaving” or trying to stay upright.

The great thing about this brief reconnection weekend is you reach out more, email people, “befriend” them on Facebook as Johnny (a different Johnny from singer Johnny) calls it. In the few days following reunion I have received heartwarming emails reading:

“Um…we saw each other and even danced friday night…”

“it was great to see you, i’m glad it was a surprise.  too bad we had just two brief conversations, the second of which i suspect you don’t remember.”

I retired Friday night, I think before midnight. Or between 12:30 and 1 a.m. Apparently I was talking to Kim at some point after midnight so she was able to fill in a blank for me. I’m glad that when I saw her at lunch on Saturday, I said, “I didn’t even see you last night.” I. am. such. an. ass.

I slept with my contacts in and arose early to take them out and soak them for a bit before starting my day.

This is the hydrogen peroxide contact disinfectant that I borrowed from Marnie.

I had a little more of a snooze and got up with Laurie and we decided to go to breakfast. I decided against showering because I’m just naturally pretty in the morning after an evening of bobbing and weaving. I got my contacts out, rinsed them with the Clear Care and stuck the right one in my eye.

Clear Care is hydrogen peroxide and it is made to soak contacts in over night. If you just rinse your contacts in Clear Care and then stick them in your eye… is like setting your eyeball on fire. I don’t know how to describe the pain, it’s almost exactly like pouring hydrogen peroxide into your eye. You know how hydrogen peroxide bubbles and burns the germs right out of a cut on your finger? Well, it bubbles and burns all the germs out of your perfectly healthy eyeball, too by setting it on fire. FIRE I tell you!

I have a very high pain threshold, I have been sawed in half three times. The instant the Clear Care hit my eye, I started screaming like a maniac which scared the shit out of Laurie. I screamed at her to go through my bag of crap and find the saline and while she did that I desperately tried to dig the fucking lens out of my eye which was, did I mention, ON FIRE. I had to wear my glasses the rest of the weekend. Sigh.

I asked my friend Sue what to do because she’s a doctor, no wait, she’s an attorney. She asked if I had rinsed my eye out and yeah, I did. I found former roommate Cyndy who is a doctor (fine, she’s an ob-gyn but she still has the MD) and she told me to rinse my eye out. So I could pretty much be an attorney or a doctor.

That’s it for today kids. There is more to come (sorry to all readers who are not enthralled YET with the Colgate Class of ’87). Added bonus: once I figure out my Flickr account, there will be photos!!!

10 thoughts on “Reunion 2012: Fairest Theme of All Our Lays

  1. You should do what I do and just sleep in them…….for weeks on end so when you do take them out, the sensation of air on your bare eyeballs feels like non stop wind. Healthy.

    1. But then don’t you have to pour solution directly in your eyes so you can blink? I pour solution in my eyes regularly, the though of pouring this heinous hydrogen peroxide streaming into my eyes makes me want to scream again but I’m not going to because I’m at work.

  2. I think we’d have a good time if we drank and went to a concert together! I have many times described my dancing as looking like a holy roller having a seizure. It would go well with your bobbing and weaving!

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