Reunion 2012: Getting There is Half the Fun

I wasn’t going to attend my 25th Reunion because the airfare from Oregon to Syracuse, NY is around $800 and I don’t have $800 to spend for weekend airfare. My pal and fellow Cake, Kitty came to the rescue with miles and booked me a Thursday  flight to Philly, where I would stay with her and her husband Geoff (also a Colgate guy) and Cake Judy and then drive up to Hamilton on Friday.

I had no mishaps getting to the airport or once I got to the airport as I did when I went to the mini-Cake reunion in San Francisco a few months ago.

AND, I was able to upgrade to first class! Yay! I don’t know how full-grown people fly coach. I’m a shrimp and can fit and move around in a coach seat but if you are over 5’3″, how in the hell does that work?

Anyway, I upgraded to first class and this is what I learned: if I can afford first class, they are really letting the riff raff in.

They are letting in young couples with seven-month-old babies. I’ve flown with a baby or two in my time and I know it’s not easy so you shouldn’t bother the first class passengers with your baby. And I had very cute babies. Yep, that’s what I said. Don’t bring a rather ugly-ish baby into first class and then let it cry!

The couple in front of me were probably in their early-60s. Looked like that had been ridden fairly hard. The woman, who talked to the baby a LOT, had a lady mullet and the party went down to her lower back. The man had on a light blue baseball cap with bright red writing that read: “The Barebuns Bikers”.

You see what I’m saying, right?

I sat next to a good looking guy, probably in his early 30’s who didn’t say a word to me which is fine. I’m not an airplane talker. However, I’m a blogger now and I am busy developing my keen sense of observation. I noted that my neighbor was very fit, short hair, cute plaid shorts, t-shirt. Military. He watched “Seal Team 6” on his computer. Sure lots of paramilitary head cases would do that, too BUT they would be wearing their fake fatigues. I think he was U.S. military of some kind; of some very cute, quiet kind. He was also a smoker, according to me, because he was constantly popping Jolly Ranchers, sunflower seeds, Hot Tamales…no cigarettes for 5 hours.

All went smoothly. We left Kitty and Geoff’s around 11 a.m. on Friday for the 5-hour drive to Hamilton. I remember when I first arrived at Colgate, I hadn’t visited the campus before arriving as a freshman (freshperson?), and as my parents and I got closer and signs for 12B and Colgate started popping up (yes, I did just spend about 20-30 minutes Googling that image and found nothing) I got more and more excited. I got that feeling of excitement every time I drove to Colgate and I still get it. Driving up in a car with other people who also get wound up thinking about Colgate is half the fun.

And as Colgaters are wont to do, we tell stories. Geoff is a really good story teller and I don’t know nor did I live through his stories so they’re all new to me!

Kitty and I have a stand-by story that involves the two of us and Laurie. We decided senior year to road trip to UMass Amherst for the Colgate/UMass football game. We headed up Friday afternoon in Laurie’s ’72 Pontiac Tank, planning to arrive five hours later and stay with a high school friend of Laurie’s.

The three of us sat on the front bench seat with our roadies and drank and smoked and laughed our way to Amherst. It took us 2.5 cases of Old Milwaukee Light to get to Amherst. It also involved us having to get out at tolls and find the change that hadn’t quite made it into the basket; Kitty and I mocking Laurie for not wanting to drive once she couldn’t see straight; and finally arriving at our destination and opening the car doors to the sound of beer cans rattling out into the parking lot. We are here to serve as a cautionary tale to others. I don’t remember going to the football game the next day but I do vividly recall going out to the car in the morning and seeing it was the only one in the parking lot and it was covered with pumpkins and gourds and haybales because we parked smack dab in the middle of a farmer’s market.

We arrived at school and registered and got our souvenir reunion wineglasses and checked in to our souvenir university apartments (now I know why my parents always shuddered when they saw where I was living) and we started seeing our friends whom we hadn’t seen in five years.

And then wine arrived and the screaming mimi’s came out to play.

11 thoughts on “Reunion 2012: Getting There is Half the Fun

  1. Simon

    Starting to sound like you may be lucky to have made it home. Good to know though as a first classer you upgraded from cans of the beast.

  2. Dear Maggie,

    It’s taken until now for me to realise Colgate is a school as well as a toothpaste. I thought you were going to a reunion of The Advanced Clean With Crystals Department or something like that.

    Love Dotty xxx

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