Holy S*&T!!!

This has to be fast because I’m on vacation but I’ve had an experience today that I must share.

Have you read The Book Thief? I’m an idiot, drink more wine Maggie. The book I read is The Man Who Loved Books Too Much.Ā  It’s the true story of a man who loves rare books so much that he steals them he’s gone to prison for it so on and so forth. I didn’t care for the author’s writing but it’s an interesting story. I have always loved old books and have old Nancy Drew books that were my mom’s when she was a girl. This book has made me look for first editions when I am in antique stores and I’m in antique stores a lot.

Today in Bend, Derwood and I went into an antique store that was a jumble of old jewelery and clothes and knick knacks and books. I saw a copy of The Caine Mutiny with a colorful dust jacket. I’ve never read the Caine Mutiny nor have I seen the movie. I didn’t know that it was written by Herman Wouk. I didn’t know it is a WWII novel. I didn’t know it won the Pulitzer in 1951. The copy I found is in impeccable shape. I don’t think it’s ever been read and it is a first edition. So I had Deren plop down the $9 asking price and stuck it in my purse and we went on our merry way.

I just looked it up on alibris.com and this website. The copy on alibris is selling for $1995 and you can see the range of prices on that link.

Holy Shit. HO. LEE. SHIT.

It’s not a Picasso from a garage sale but it’s still pretty cool. I think I’m gonna sell it. Right?

Have a great weekend!!!

This is the book but mine is in way better condition. Honestly, it looks like it has never been read. sheesh.

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23 thoughts on “Holy S*&T!!!

  1. Cheryl Hansen says:

    Yeowza….. Vacation paid for. Cool.

  2. Now i feel like reading this book… for some reason .. šŸ˜‰

  3. acflory says:

    Grats big time Maggie! That’s a real find. Sell, sell, sell!

  4. Madame Weebles says:

    Wow. Major score!!

  5. Addie says:

    Congrats, indeed!!! Now, buy a shit copy to read, as it’s pretty good!! Well done!

  6. Andrew says:

    If it doesn’t have any pictures in it, I don’t know if I can lower myself to that level. But I suppose I can give it a try. Oh yeah and the whole book being work $1995, is pretty cool too.

  7. unfetteredbs says:

    WOW….awesome find :0)

  8. Kloi-Jayd says:

    Well done sugar plum!!! congratulations on being bargain shopper of the year!!! xoxo

  9. Holy crap! What a find!

  10. Brigitte says:

    Yowsa, Maggie. Nice vacay, huh?

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  12. LilyBart says:

    Just be sure to waste your winnings on the person who bought the book.

  13. travellingmo says:

    Hot damn! I gotta start scouring these garage sales for first editions!

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