Copy Catter Dirty Ratter

I’m copying my pal Simon of “3-times-Freshly-Pressed” Sweet and Weak fame for my post today.


Talented People I know.

Trisha of Abode Design

I met Trisha in the 7th grade. We became best, best friends. She had just moved to Oregon from Ohio and she read all the time just like me and she was very smart and funny just like me. What?! I was!

Getting to know her was an adventure. I felt like I was a character in one of the books I had read. We have been together for 35 years, ups and downs, fighting, breaking up, parents divorcing, parents dying, my divorce, her business adventures….I wouldn’t trade a second of it. And Trish wouldn’t either and even if she would, she’s not gonna tell you. This isn’t even her blog but you will get to her blog if you click on this photo of a kitchen that Trish designed:

I’ve been in this kitchen and it is abfab!

Trish is so talented. As my sister says, Trisha’s fingerprints are in every room of Molly’s new house. And last winter, she was interviewed by that Michael guy from HGTV. It’s on the blog. I don’t know why her Picasa site is in Spanish. Trisha?

Eddie of the Garrubbo Guide.

One other person I know who has a really cool picture of himself on his blog is my college friend, Eddie. He goes by “Ed” now because he’s all mature and shit.  I call him Eddie because I’m not. His blog is all about Italian food, cooking, restaurants, etc.

Eddie is a very witty writer which I never knew and he loves cooking, never knew. Dual citizenship Italy and the U.S. never knew. Clearly we are very close friends.  I have met his wife, Patricia, who is very nice and funny. And I see photos of his children once a year on their Christmas card. I subscribe to Eddie’s newsletter Sunday Pasta (he trademarked that “Sunday Pasta”. I’m going to trademark “Tuesday Stew” so don’t steal that!) This week’s pasta recipe is Puttanesca which Eddie was delighted to point out means Whore’s Pasta. Click on photo for recipe:

Pasta Putta…whoa that is NOT pasta!

here’s the recipe:


Yesterday I got two phone calls from a 215 area code, which is Philadelphia. I actually thought it was Eddie but nope. He never calls, never writes.

The first time I got the phone call I answered and the woman asked for Shannon. I think she said Shannon. I told her very nicely that she must have the wrong number. She calls back again and I let it go to voicemail so she can hear for herself that my name isn’t Shannon and I’ll be damned if she doesn’t leave a message. She leaves a message that she is calling from the Renfrew Center and wants to discuss my daughter. Holy Hell! Google Google Google…Renfrew Center is an in patient hospital whatever you want to call it for girls/women with eating disorders which I was unaware my daughter had. I have two daughters, both eaters. So I call because any weirdness with teenage kids is a concern for me. They don’t know who called me, can’t help me. Weak. I listen to the message again and it’s Noelle from the Renfrew Center. I call back and ask for Noelle. Get her voicemail which tells me she is not at her desk but works in patient-intake. Leave her a message that I think she has the wrong number but I’m very concerned even though I’m 3000 miles away.

Never called back. Wrong number. Tough shit, freaked-out mom in Oregon.

That is weak.

Thanks Simon for letting me copy you. I won’t do it again, not soon anyway.

7 thoughts on “Copy Catter Dirty Ratter

  1. Kitchen looks sweet and anything Italian I LOVE. I hate those phone calls. It’s as if they think if they keep calling, you’ll finally be the person they’re trying to reach. Maddening. :).

  2. Got a call yesterday when I answered it I heard a fog horn and a recording say I had won an Alaska cruise, third time I have gotten it. That kitchen is off the chain.

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