And Nowwww….. Back to ME.

Hope everyone enjoyed the FABU meeting yesterday. We will be meeting again in the fall so please let me know if you have any discussion items for the agenda.

Now Back to ME.

What about Maggie? What does Maggie like? What makes Maggie happy?

My yard makes me happy. Here it is in a portrait taken by 12-year-old Brigid the Amazing with her phone. When my Britishly-accented Bluetooth tells me Brigid the Amazing (that’s how Brigid put her number in my phone) is calling, she says “Coll frum Brigid Thahmazing”.

My beautiful spring backyard!

I’ve reported recent weight loss success. One thing that I recommend when trying to get into a fitness routine is to do something you enjoy. I like running in neighborhoods with pretty houses to look at. I like running with my daughter, Annie. I also do strength training with my nephew, Matt. We did a fitness video together which I’ve posted below. I’m doing the counting and he is demonstrating the exercises.

I have a side job (aside from the grueling full time work I do day in and day out on this blog at the consulting engineer firm that pays me every two weeks). I write the blog and newsletter for an auctioneer in Portland. I also clerk at auctions, which means I write down the winning bid and bid number on live auction items and record paddle raise donations. Unless like my last auction some shithead from the audience comes up and starts talking to me during the auction and I finally have to do the loud whisper/quiet yell thing… “I CAN’TTTALKTOYOU!!”Β  I have an auction on Sunday in Corvallis about 75 miles south of Portland. The auction is for the Soptimists or Soptomotrists some kind of Sop something.Β  I don’t even know why I told you that.

Saturday from 8-1 I will be in volunteer training to tutor kids at the Oregon juvenile detention facility. I was completely, heartbrokenly inspired by this CBS news story by photographer Richard Ross. It’s a slideshow of incarcerated children.

“I made friends with some of the other girls here. This is Mia. She is a puppy that belongs to one of the counselors here. I came from Texas where I ran away.

This is the nicest place I ever lived. It has been a very long time since I saw my mom. That’s what makes me the saddest. I LOVE Mia.”

– M.M. age 14

That little girl in the photo is Annie’s age. She is in jail in California and it is the NICEST place she has ever lived. My heart can’t stand that. Children should be out running through sprinklers, shopping, going to the movies, bitching about homework, trying to figure out growing up…not in a prison that is the nicest home you’ve ever had. She’s 14. She’s a baby.

I can’t save them. But I can be an adult who isn’t destroying them.

I could help at my girls’ schools but I don’t think that upper middle class white kids need my help that much. I’m really looking forward to this experience. I will keep you posted.

Weather is still beautiful in Oregon. Brigid has a track meet tomorrow. I’m babysitting Matt tonight so his mother can do something that doesn’t involve preschoolers. He and I will probably workout. We’re athletes, that’s what we do.

You know what else makes me happy? One of my Colgate friends, like not one of my besties but a guy I know from Colgate just said my blog is “Joyce-like” which means either: “Brilliant and Irish” or “Completely Incomprehensible”.


19 replies to “And Nowwww….. Back to ME.

  1. Maggie, thanks for sharing this. Now I know what you SOUND like. Loved the jumping jacks — my, Matt certainly has TONS of energy. And Brigid, well she’s a Brigid and deserves to be known as amazing. :). Heartbreaking about that little girl but I really would love to hear about your experience and a big kudos to you for getting involved. It is beautiful and green here (from all the RAIN), but sunny, no humidity and about 70 degrees here. PERFECTION. Love your spring backyard. Take care, Mags.

  2. My sister was nice enough to not film me flailing around. I’m not as cute as Matt jumping around, I’m just getting hit in the face with my boobs.
    I’m really excited about the tutoring thing. I may have to start a different blog about it or include in this one? I don’t know.

  3. Ditto what Brigitte said, including the bit about the weather.

    That’s heartbreaking about those girls in juvenile detention. You’re doing such a nice thing. I don’t know if I’d be able to do it, myself.

    I love your yard. It looks like it must be a great place to hang out and relax with a glass of lemonade (or something stronger).

    Have you ever bid on anything at the auctions you work at? That must be interesting, seeing all the wacky things up for sale.

    Also, my confirmation name is Brigid. Until I read your post I actually hadn’t thought about that in years. I never use it for anything since I also have a middle name (which I also rarely use).

    1. I have chaired auctions for my kids’ schools for years, been to auctions, I love auctions! Last weekend I was at one and a woman won the “Golden Ticket” and the prize was a full expense paid week long trip to Provence! That never happened to me πŸ™‚

      Another Irish Catholic! I didn’t know I was supposed to pick a different name for Confirmation so I went with my name so I guess I’m Margaret Mary Margaret Mary.
      Mary Hartman! Mary Hartman! I’m really old.

      1. I’ve never been to a live auction, just eBay. But it sounds like fun!

        Yup, another Irish Catholic. A very, very lapsed Catholic. My middle name isn’t a saint’s name so I had to choose something different. But Margaret Mary Margaret Mary is fucking hilarious. And you and I are equally old, since I remember Mary Hartman! Mary Hartman! too. πŸ˜€

        1. I guess I wasn’t paying attention in CCD. I’ll make sure my children get it right….or I could just Catholic mess with another generation of children’s heads. πŸ™‚

  4. You’re good people Maggie, I applaud what you are doing. Also, your form is very solid in the video. I can only imagine the years of discipline and training that must go into developing that kind of cadence. Well done!

    1. Aw shucks, thanks. I’m very excited to see where this path leads. Those photos really affected me. And uh Simon, can I borrow the Sweet and Weak tomorrow? Pllleeeaaassee?? I’ve already written it!!!

          1. Oh shit. Misunderstood, no worries. (I haven’t decided if saying “no worries” sounds douchie or not.) The format is all yours. I look forward to reading it.

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