12 replies to “THAT Was Scary!

  1. make sure you thank al gore.

    actually, al gore never said he invented the internet. he said he was the first to use the term “information superhighway” in reference to the internet.

    jus’ sayin’

    1. It’s scary how I just had to stop reading your post b/c I was going to start bawling. Great writing. Seeing your mom, it’s clear where you got your good looks!


  2. -hugs- I know, losing that 6th sense we’ve come to rely on is just a minute away from becoming deaf dumb and blind 😦 We lost our adsl for 2 days once. I don’t think we were quite sane by the time it was switched on again. I like thinking about being a pioneer…but that’s where it stops!

    Can you imagine what a weapon of world domination this could be? If Fatty Poombah managed to disrupt the net we could all be held for ransom… or sent insane. Just too horrible to contemplate….

  3. I feel your pain. I have one of those new fancy wireless phones and it’s not attached to anything. ANYTHING! How does one not lose that!

    p.s. Captain Comcast was lying to you. He knows exactly “what”.

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