OK, this is the last one. I will work on a real post today! Swear!

Misc. Maggie

Once upon a time there were four very smart, very funny, very charming and independent girls who went to a magical place called Hamilton, New York where they could study at the prestigious Colgate University. Three of the girls Judy, Kitty and Lucy all lived in the same dorm freshman year. Serendipity did not strike until their sophomore year when they met the fourth girl, Maggie. And they all drank happily ever after.

Day 1: Day

Fast forward 28 years to present day. The Cakes (so named because their Colgate intramural “sports’ team was dubbed the Muffincakes) are having a semi-annual weekend reunion in San Francisco. Maggie (me) was very happy because I (I’m stopping the annoying fairytale language) am the lone West Coast Cake and usually have to fly for 7-8 hours to get to a Cake reunion. Friday morning, Deren of Rail Thin Boyfriend fame, drove me…

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  1. acflory says:

    lol – fun is fun and it’s all new to me 🙂

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