I’m having 25 people for dinner tonight. I mean 25 people are coming to my house to eat dinner. Even I couldn’t eat 25 people. So I can’t blog but this is from right at the beginning of Someone Fat Happened.

Misc. Maggie

I’m moving this post over from the old blog site and I think it is good enough to keep over here. It was a controversial post to begin with so I guess I’m just stirring the pot again.
I have moved on to Step 2 of my Sparking. I graduated from Step 1 a week early according to the Sparkpeople computer who (that, which?) informed me that I had earned 25 points and moved on to the next level which is all about diet and portion control. If you control your portions, they really aren’t very big. That may seem elementary to my fives of readers but news to me. I recently learned that butter has 100 calories per tablespoon. 100 Calories!! What the hell? No wonder I’m so fat, I had no idea. I figured butter was fattening but I didn’t realize the fattening reality of butter.  Last night I…

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