It’s a Sunshine Day!

Everybody’s smilin’! Sunshine Day! Everybody seems so happy today! It’s a Sunshine Day!

They think they'll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun's calling their names.

I got two (2) Sunshine Awards on Friday! Two, I tell you!

I came right out and asked for one from Annette Check her out…she’s an artiste and a writer! And I was nominated OUT OF THE BLUE by Brigitte, as in Bardot. She’s great and she’s a real writer and funny and talented…go see her!

Annette’s Sunshine Award came with no strings, just sunny wishes from the West Indies. Brigitte’s Sunshine Award came with rules to follow and the rules include writing about myself so I’m all over that like white on rice, or brown if you are a healthy rice eater.


Write ten things about yourself.

  1. I am the eldest of four children which has resulted in my being very comfortable bossing people.
  2. I had shingles my sophomore year in college. Prozac didn’t become available until two years later and I didn’t start taking it until a year ago but it probably would have prevented me from getting an anxiety-induced old people’s disease at the age of 20.
  3. My feet and my boobs got bigger after having children. My feet went from a 7 to an 8 1/2 because my feet flattened out from weighing over 180 lbs with my first pregnancy. I’m 5’3″. A buck eighty, yep. Most women’s boobs shrink from nursing but I couldn’t nurse effectively…my boobs are purely decorative.
  4. I was orphaned at 43. I’m still waiting for a wealthy family to adopt me.
  5. I have a shamrock tattoo on my back. It’s the size of a quarter and it’s stupid and I wish I had never done it.
  6. When I attended the University of Dijon in Fraince I was supposed to do my final project on life in a nearby village when it was occupied by the Germans during WWII. Interviews were set up with residents. I was too hungover to go so I had to change my topic to, you guessed it, mustard. Dijon Mustard. Quelle Loozair!
  7. I broke my elbow when I was 5. The cast was too tight and it rubbed against my thumb and left me with a scar. To this day that is how I know my left from my right.
  8. Until I was in my mid- to late 20s, I thought whatever direction I was facing was North.
  9. My junior year in high school I wrote down what I wore everyday in my Official Preppy Handbook Desk Calendar.
  10. When I was 5 my brother had his tonsils out and I went to Karen Simmons’ house for the day to play. I told Mrs. Simmons that my father was a pilot for Aer Lingus and that I regularly flew with him to Ireland. My father never batted an eye and went with my story when she mentioned it to him when he picked me up. My Dad was an insurance agent.

Include the award’s logo in a post

It’s right down there at the bottom.

Nominate 10-12 other bloggers

  1. Dotty Headbanger because she’s an award whore
  2. Hello Sailor because she could use some Sunshine
  3. Le Clown because he needs a little Sunshine, too
  4. Adam because he is so damn funny.
  5. Adair You because she is so damn funny.
  6. La La because she bears a striking behavioral resemblance to me 20 years ago. Physically she’s much prettier than I was.
  7. Get Write Down To It because we are kindred spirits and both have to live with Beliebers.
  8. Facehookin’ because this girl has got a MOUTH on her!
  9. The Real Mom of NYC because she’s new here and she should have some Sunshine.
  10. The Immature Man because he is new here and HIlarious and look at the photo on his page!
  11. Edward Hotspur because I love his upholstery.
  12. Madame Weebles because I don’t know anyone else who blogs about Hot Dead Guys

Link to your nominees

Did that.

Link the person who nominated you

I did that up top.

For my nominees: you don’t have to do the rules if you don’t want to but you should put the award up on your page because it’s a major award….

Not as major as this award but this is real life not the movies!

I'm walking on sunshine and don't it feel good!

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26 thoughts on “It’s a Sunshine Day!

  1. La La says:

    Oh nonsense. And thank you, you’ve made my day, 20 year older me. xoxo

    PS – I am also 5’3 and my dad is an insurance agent. Fun!

  2. Brigitte says:

    Oh, Mags you do so have a way with words and you are quite the witster. (don’t think that’s a word, but I think it’s a good one and very fitting for you.) You deserve the Sunshine Award. We do have much in common. I am geographically-challenged and still think what’s in front of me is North. At least you had the cahoonas to GET a tattoo. I plan on checking that off my list when I’m about 80. :).

  3. My first blog award nomination! You just made my day!!

  4. You have a shamrock and I have a daisy tattoo I wish I would have thought twice about! Oh well. I had the Official Preppy Desktop Calendar, too! Hilarious! Congrats on your Sunshine Award! πŸ™‚

    • Maggie O'C says:

      Thanks! I found out that I have a first edition of the Preppy Handbook and they are out of print and worth hundreds of dollars now. I’m not selling because I need it, it’s a reference book πŸ™‚

  5. Addie says:

    I tittered in appreciation. It’s an odd sound, and, yes, I make it on a regular basis!

    Thanks for this–now, I’ve something to blog about!

  6. Hellosailor says:

    Thank you for the sunshine Maggie!! It did help and I think it will continue to help tomorrow!!!
    Thanks again,
    Love HS xox

  7. unfetteredbs says:

    now I have that damn song in my head!!! Thanks… πŸ™‚

  8. Anonymous says:

    Daddy’s gonna kill Ralphie! Meat-losse, meat-loaf, double beat-loaf…I hate meatloaf!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Also, the irony is that Marcia turned-out (or in, for that matter) to be a lesbian and Jan was the trollop!!!

    • Maggie O'C says:

      Marcia is a lesbian? I knew she was an alcoholic but I don’t recall ever hearing about lesbian. I think you’re just a twisted Jan supporter….Marcia Marcia Marcia!

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  11. I love you for nominating me for the sunshine award, but hate you for getting the “Sunshine Day” song stuck in my head (it’s been there ALL MORNING). I bet if you look in the dictionary under the word “bittersweet”, the definition will read: getting nominated for an award while simultaneously hearing “sunshine day” played over and over and over….

    As for the coveted award, I would absolutely love to post it to my blog page, but sadly, I’m a bit technically challenged. But should I figure it out, I will wear my sunny patch with pride!

    • Maggie O'C says:

      Yeah, that song’s a tough one but it’s better than “Girlfriend” πŸ™‚
      I totally understand the techtarded situation. I think if you can save it to your media file and then put it in a widget. It took me a long time to figure it out!!!

  12. theimmatureman says:

    Thanks so much! Sadly I revamped my page and the picture is gone. I’ll find a new place for it though.

  13. […] awards are for Brigitte who gave me the Sunshine. She saw Dotty‘s award and wanted one and then she saw Rich’s award and who […]

  14. Kathleen says:

    Oh, Mary Margaret πŸ˜€ . . . I could write for a week just commenting on this one post, but instead I will just say, “FRAINCE?” – Really? –

  15. Maggie O'C says:

    Oh oui, oui! I was in Fraince. Mustard report. Dijon Fraince.

    And my cousin is Mary Margaret. I am Margaret Mary. πŸ™‚ Were you also named in case you went into Holy Orders….which if you knew me and my siblings, the mere idea of that is HIlarious!

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