Days Like These

It’s not a horrible day, just one of those days. One of those days when I am reminded that being a parent is exhausting. Wanting so deeply for your children to be happy and successful on all fronts but there are days when they aren’t. Actually kids are just human (even though sometimes I wonder about that) and they can’t be happy and successful in everything everyday but it doesn’t mean as a mother I don’t get hurt and frustrated and irritable and sad when they’re not. I have found that I find no greater joy than my children’s triumphs and no deeper pain, than when they stumble. It can be excruciating watching them find their way.

Being a dieter is depressing right now because I’m sitting on a plateau and can’t get off it. Of course, I don’t really like diet or exercise so I may sit on that plateau forever.

Nothing is horribly off, my family and friends are healthy and relatively happy (Go Mike!). Read Mike, he’s good stuff.

I got into work this morning and IT can’t figure out how to change my Outlook email to my maiden name. I’m very happy about going back to my Irish roots but annoyed that my email just won’t be agreeable and change. It’s a transition, I understand that but it’s just a computer program it can’t be that attached to a name.

Luckily the goings on at work didn’t interrupt my personal life too much and I was able to find the time to go on Facebook.  Facebook is where I found this:

I didn’t want to watch it but it said, “if you’re having a bad day, then this dog video is for you.” I’m in a sort of funky mood. I don’t know if it’s a bad day….yet. Better safe than sorry, perhaps this dog video is just the thing for me! I didn’t want to laugh because it’s just a silly dog video. I wanted to be open to being entertained but I wasn’t going to laugh just because Facebook told me that this dog video is for me. But I did sort of giggle. And it has a good message, adopt shelter dogs if you are going to get a dog. My life can be bad but it’s not as bad as being abandoned and lonely in a shelter, right?

Point is, if you are having a bad day, that video could be for you.

And if that dog video is not for you, perhaps this one is. Seriously, look at that dog’s face.

Or here is my brother’s favorite talking dog.

If you don’t like videos, but still think dog comedy is a good thing….read these text messages from a dog

You know what else is a cure for a gloomy ‘tude in the morning? This guy, It’s Our World He’s Just Living In It and he makes me do that laugh thing that I do when I squeeze my face trying not to laugh too loud at work, do you know that thing? It’s the one I do, with the laughing? no? well I do that.

And when all else fails: Buster. Arrested Development. You old horny slut.

6 thoughts on “Days Like These

  1. The plateau is the worst part, been there. Zumba got me through it. Stay strong! Love the dogs dancing to Harry Belafonte. I could listen to that song all day.

  2. Ahhhh I love it!!!! It definitely made me smile 😀 It just kind of made me a bit sad at the end that there are all the shelter dogs that need rescuing. I hope they all find homes 😦
    Thanks for sharing, I’ve had a cuteness overload now 🙂

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