This is it! This is my favorite thing of the day! I love Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday…he’s my huckleberry!

Shut Up Dad

It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane.  You know the feeling.  When everyday starts to blend into the next.  What you need is a change.  You can’t just live for the weekend, and vacations are all too rare.  So instead of waiting for a holiday, throw your own.  A “Doc Holliday” if you will. (Disclaimer– This holiday is based on the Val Kilmer interpretation, not the actual person.  The real Doc, was a horrible dentist and a drunk, who also happened to shoot at people a lot.  It doesn’t take skill or charm to do any of those things.  I’m sorry, let’s get back to the “Holliday”.)

1.  Arrive to work drunk – I don’t ever encourage drunk driving.  So I recommend bringing a flask of your strongest corn mash, and parking first in your work parking lot.  Drink the entire flask there on the spot…

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    • I guess there isn’t one for reblogs but isn’t this funny?! I loved Tombstone and never thought I could get the hots for a guy with TB…or at least Val Kilmer with TB!

  1. You are so funny – love love love your blog. I eat alone all the time – I love how the pity gets me the very best service EVER!

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