Thank you Sweet Mother! Go visit Sweet Mother at The support of fellow WordPressers has been so inspiring and I’m so grateful. Sweet Mother is so funny it makes me happy and not jealous which is surprising because I can be quite petty when I want.

Sweet Mother

It’s that time again.  It’s a wonderful, sunny, morning here in Socal.  I’m sipping my coffee and gently trolling around the posts of another blogger.  You see, I have such a great community here.  I want to pay it forward.  Now, how would I do that?  Well, if Oprah were in my immediate vicinity, I’d proudly proclaim, “I’VE MADE A GRATITUDE COLLAGE!”  It would consist of cut out pictures of friends and family, my Wifesy and doggie, and a great deal of the commentators and readers here at Sweet Mother.


I would thrust my Oprah-like gratitude collage up in the air and behind me, I would hear a tsk, tsk.  It would be my own mother standing over my right shoulder and shaking her head.


Her look would be saying, in a full Spanish accent of course, “Jou are in Jou’re late 30’s and jou are spending jour…

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