What NOT To Blog

I got the message loud and clear! “Hey Mag! No one is interested in your 7 Day Jumpstart Workout!”

Some people are (half as many as were interested in my post that wasn’t a post) but those who were interested got maybe a quarter of the way through and were probably so bored they went back to Facebook or even worse, they went back to work.


That’s all.

It is Weigh In Wednesday Week 15 and I have lost 10 pounds, still just 10 pounds but I did tighten my belt another notch (literally). Not that you care.

You’d rather look at cute pictures of puppies and kittens. Fine… here!

I suppose if you want to read good blogs you can just look to your right, no…down a little…there. That’s my blogroll and I’m sure you will find something worth reading there because I’m clearly not living up to your expectations.

No, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about it.  I’ll go chat with my Sparkpeople friends. I don’t need you guys, all I need is this paddle ball game and this chair and this Bicentennial ashtray.

So YOU tell me….what would you NOT blog about?

8 replies to “What NOT To Blog

  1. I sense that the dieting may be making you a little cranky????? Eat a gluten free cookie and call it good.

  2. Dear Maggie,
    Erm, excuse me, I read ALL your last post thoroughly which is why I clicked LIKE because I LIKED it, especially the part about your freaky upper body that can lift gardeners or shoe shops or something.
    Love Dotty xxx
    P.S. I wouldn’t blog about sand.

  3. Losing weight is exciting. I lost 50 lbs in 6 months. Sometimes I blog about stuff that people aren’t interested in, but I don’t care. I LIKE it.

    Anyway, one thing that I learned NOT to blog about is about how my friend’s girlfriend is a horrible singer. A gazillion blogs on the internet and she finds it. Oops, my bad.

    1. Whoa! I’m clearly not on track to do that! I LIKE what you blog about, I’m all Brady all the time. I will need more time to dig around on your site, it’s full of all sorts of goodies.

      People with bad voices need to be told before they sing in public and are hit with tomatoes.

  4. Awwww Mags. I liked your exercise blog — was that the one with the photo of the cute “trainers” (please — use the term “kicks” from now on — that may have turned off some of your readers).

    I promise I’ll tell you if it gets embarrassing. So far, your writing sounds just like YOU: hilarious/ouch/hilarious/ouch/hilarious….

    Plateaued Pal

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