This is NOT a Post About the Hunger Games

Nor is this a dieting post about the Hunger Games like you’re dieting so you’re really hungry.

I haven’t seen the Hunger Games.  Annie saw the movie on opening night with a bunch of her friends. The movie started at midnight, they had already purchased the tickets, yet she sat in a theater seat for almost six hours waiting for the movie to start. I don’t know why, I do know it was the must-do event of the teenage year thus far. The movie has reordered the trajectory of her life and I think that has something to do with a guy in the movie; hopefully not the one that is Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend because that one has GOT to be an idiot.

Miss Molly saw the movie last night on her night out alone. Derwood also saw the movie last night. They both thought it was very good and thought provoking. I will let them discuss it. I doubt I will ever see it only because it doesn’t seem like the kind of movie I would go see. Also, I have a rule about reading the book before I see the movie and the book doesn’t seem like one I would read, which in turn makes it nigh impossible for me to see the movie.

It’s not a Hunger Games diet post because those have been done better than I could do (Mike makes me more than relatively happy) and I don’t want to copy anyone. I am totally against plagiary. I thought I would show how serious I am about not copying others’ work by making up a new word “plagiary” but it is a word. It means to kidnap or net another person’s game. I am here to state on WordPress, I don’t do that either.

This post returns to the root of my blog: dieting, weight loss, nutrition, fitness. My elevens of readers are most likely bored reading all my dry educational posts on best nutrition and fitness practices, my inspiring stories of overcoming great obstacles and my drive to achieve my goals, the statistics linking obesity to chronic diseases that are aiding in bankrupting this country through skyrocketing healthcare costs, the importance of community in motivating dieters, and the list goes on.

Or maybe you are tired of hearing about how I have to cheat on my diet in order to eat enough to sufficiently absorb the wine I’m drinking or plan on drinking.

Either way, this is just a quick update. I’m hovering at my 10 pound weight loss. I rarely ever record all my food intake on Sparkpeople. I do eat better and pay closer attention to portion control and water drinking and whole grains. I drink Diet Coke instead of eating chocolate (which, of course, allows me another year of self-loathing because I can’t keep a Lenten promise to save my life. I would never cut it as a pioneer or a savior.)

I need to workout. This past weekend was my weekend to get back into moving. After work on Friday, I walked Mudd for a longer walk not a super long walk but a 40 minute-ish walk. Friday was  a spring day in Oregon; while we may only have a day here and there where it doesn’t rain….man it’s pretty! and it smells so good!

This Daphne took 4 years to bloom but it has and it smells so lovely!

Saturday I kicked it up a tiny notch by doing some workout videos from Netflix. For my warm up I did a  ten minute basic yoga. I’m not basically yoga. I have got to be one of the most ungainly, unbendy people ever born. I don’t think I can extend my spine without getting my shoulders near my ears, I am not coordinated enough to breath in and out through my nose, and I can’t do the Double Dog Dare Down and lift one of my legs back and up without snorting, gasping, laughing and tipping over.

This photo makes me think I need physical therapy as well as more pillows on my bed.

Once I was warmed up, I did the Crunch Gym Boot Camp Workout which I’ve done a few times so I’m getting better at it except for any of the balance parts and then I’m a little tipsy (no, you’re right I should drink water instead of pinot gris when I’m sweating).

They're both green bottles, anyone could make the mistake.

It is a good workout and I sweat but I am distracted by the ‘students’ in the class for the video. There are probably 8-10 girls and one guy. The girls range from ugly to attractive to Christie Brinkley-at-23 cute. But I wonder if they are just video people, who do exercise videos, porn, whatever video projects are available. They all look very healthy and fit but they kinda look like they’d be in porn, I’m not sure maybe it’s the tiny painted on workout clothes. They don’t look like drug addicts or anything but they look weird. That’s all I’m saying, I don’t know any of them. I hope they don’t do porn.

So there’s my diet and exercise update.

You probably wish I had gone to see the Hunger Games.

One thought on “This is NOT a Post About the Hunger Games

  1. lisa

    When the hullabaloo as blown over, read The Hunger Games. I think you’d like it, Mags – and Suzanne Collins has the gift. As always, the book was far superior to the movie, and the movie was good. Love the yoga photo! Looked like me looking for an earring on my bathroom floor this morning.

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