Ironing v. Pressing

I don’t mean to brag but I’ve been Decently Ironed, okay I do mean to brag, I have been Decently Ironed or my blog has. Look over there, in the right margin under the bad photo of me with wine and pizza at 10 a.m. Right under that you will see, my Decently Ironed Award (“It’s an award, a major award!” movie?)

I, like all WordPress bloggers, read Freshly Pressed blogs trying to figure out how to write that one blog that will make the WordPress computer sit up and take notice or reboot and take notice or whatever computers do when they are thrilled with a piece of writing. I haven’t figured it out yet but I have been able to read FP blogs and wonder, “how can the computer, or whoever is behind the curtain, not realize how funny I am when they Freshly Pressed that guy, and he’s not funny. I know funny and that’s not it. That was stupid and just somebody begging to be Freshly Pressed. Loser.”

I would never stoop to begging.  I simply went to the DI Princess and asked her to Decently Iron me, no begging, just a little request, which the Princess granted.

That’s right, while I have not been Freshly Pressed, I have been Decently Ironed by my new blogging idol. Mother doesn’t know she is my new mentor and inspiration or maybe she does. She Decently Ironed me for a post that featured a restaurant called Mothers. I have been hanging around Mother’s blog, trying to catch her eye, see if she just wants to hang out and talk about blogging, maybe get some coffee or Diet Coke. We could talk about how smart and funny and right we are. Maybe she’d want to tell me about the restraining order she’s getting for me.

Blogging and the Bloggers on WordPress inspire me to write and I haven’t been inspired to write in a long time. I have a drawer full of  spiral notebooks from my younger days. The worn cardboard covers are covered in my juvenile writing:  hearts dot the “i”s; rainbows abound but I didn’t have the skill to draw unicorns. Restrictions were made very clear to my younger sisters “Dont’ read! This means you! Private! Keep out!”  I lost the inspiration to write when people stopped writing and started typing on computer keyboards. I also got caught up, if that is the correct phrase, with having two little girls who took up most of my time. Now my kids are older, I can’t live without my laptop and I have found this wonderful site where I can write again.

Here’s a link to another of my favorite bloggers. Her column today (which she took from someone else) is about writing and why people, who most likely will never be best-selling authors, who probably will never become J.K. Rowling wealthy or as famous as Sally Jesse Raphael, still write.  I love writing…if it’s blogging here or blogging for my Aunt Shanere or writing press releases at work. I don’t need to be Freshly Pressed, I don’t care about going to the Big Show, the Blog Dance. I am Decently Ironed and that is reward enough.

I’m also catching on to some blogging strategeries. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the days to post blogs. I heard this somewhere and it could be write right. The theory is that the blog reading public is too busy on Monday recovering from the weekend to read, blog readers party like rock stars. Friday the blog reading public is too distracted with plans for the fabulous rock star weekend ahead to read. On Saturday and Sunday the blog reading public is busy or napping or throwing up and can’t take the time to read blogs. So that leaves Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I’m going to post this tonight, Saturday night!  I may as well live on the Blogging Edge because this Saturday night finds me on the couch with my laptop, darling Stevie is sound asleep and his deserving mother is out at a movie all by herself.

While I write, the dogs keep me company with frequent, loud, startling blasts of flatulence.

That Bobo Dog

Mudd is a VERY big dog, his exhaust is powerful

The dogs are on opposite sides of the room, pretending to be asleep…even snoring for effect but they aren’t. They’re faking it. Yep, this is the life, the life of the writer. There was Bloomsbury, Paris in the 20s, the Algonquin Round Table; and I have my couch and my companions and a grayish-brown vaporous cloud of canine mustard gas.

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6 thoughts on “Ironing v. Pressing

  1. Cheryl Hansen says:

    Would that that vaporous cloud would inspire a best-selling erotica novel instead of merely watering eyes.
    You’re never alone on a Saturday night with dogs. Never.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ah Erika. How well I relate to your last paragraph. And yes, I
    find you very amusing. I have enjoyed ALL of your bolgs. Keep writing.

  3. Ah Erika. How well I can relate to your last paragraph. Keep up
    your writings. I do appreciate your SICK

    • Maggie O'C says:

      You appreciate how SICK I am??? hahahah. And I know your dogs those little guys simply can’t create something as offensive as these two big guys!!! xoxox

  4. […] 1000s of hits to their blog as a result of the Fresh Pressing. I have not been Freshly Pressed but Decently Ironed as I have mentioned. The cell phone post generated a huge amount of discussion about an issue that I […]

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