I Flat Lined!

and it’s my own fault. I haven’t been writing so no one has been reading so the little graph in the upper left corner of my page shows no activity on my site…it flat lined.

I’m getting out the paddles…. CLEAR!

I’ll get the ol’ blog pumpin’ again. I’ve been preoccupied so I haven’t written. Doesn’t that sound better than too lazy to write, too busy playing Spider Solitaire to write, shopping so I can’t write. I read “preoccupied” on another blog today to describe why the blogger hadn’t been writing. I’m going to use it.

I’ve been preoccupied…my brain has been cranking on all cylinders generating very important thoughts, full of adoration, admiration, animation, contemplation, rumination, ruination, communication, excommunication, punctuation, oscillation, meditation, vacillation, consternation, articulation, matriculation, liberation, obfuscation, operation,  all the fenestrations: defenestration, refenestration, unfenestration; veneration, machination, rejuvenation, indoctrination, outdoctrination, punctuation…. like I said… preoccupation. All sorts of “tions” have been going on. But mostly I have tioned my blog. I thought of all those “tion” words right in my own head, no thesaurus and no help from my brother, even though I asked for some and he ignored me. Rejectionation.

This is supposed to be a blog about my diet so I will get to the diet news. My sister, Molly and nephew Matt have moved in with me.

Molly is on the right.

Darling, delightful nephew

Matt has a thing for garbage. More on this later.

Molly’s husband Sebastian was here for the weekend but he is back in Texas working, where Molly cannot bear to be. Molly is my new life coach. Molly says it’s okay if I drink Diet Coke which is evidence that she is the best life coach I’ve ever had. Molly also has actual fitness and nutrition knowledge so I’m going to do whatever she does and I will be very fit and thin in no time.

Last weekend I bought  new dress and it is a 10 (which is a size down for me) and I looked really good in it better than the other woman wearing it at the auction I attended. I can’t find a photo of it but I will take one the next time I wear it. I bought this superduper Zoey Deschanel looking dress for Annie because it is ridonculously cute and if I can’t wear it, someone related to me should.

It is becoming increasingly clear, is it not, that my preoccupation with some rather pressing chores prevented me from writing. I promise that it won’t happen again. Unless it does.

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2 thoughts on “I Flat Lined!

  1. Amy says:

    So, you were not shunning (tioning?) us, your faithful readers-in-the-7’s. Good to see you back, and that dress for Annie is so darling! I could wear it … on my thigh. Maybe two of them would make a cute pair of culottes. For a fancy occasion, of course. I need to up my intake of others working out, so please post your new nutrition and exercise strategies. By reading or watching when others workout, I find myself feeling as if I’ve exercised, all without leaving my easy chair! It’s why I watch Fat Chef and Biggest Loser. So far, I haven’t reaped the same benefits, which I find weird. I mean, I watch with a lot focus.

  2. Maggie O'C says:

    My latest exercise strategy is to not exert any extra energy. My diet strategery is to do whatever my sister/life coach does. Which could be irksome for her (“Maggie back off”) but I feel it is paying off for me.

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