I Look So Good Today

I do. I look great today and I overslept and didn’t even shower. It may be only for today but for today, I am rocking 47! I am not going to take a photo and post it because  the camera puts on 10 pounds and then I will be disillusioned with my self-perceived cuteness.

I am wearing the necklace that Derwood gave me for my birthday and it is fabulous and it looks fabulous.

I told Deren how great I look today even though I haven’t showered and he said, “Sure you look great but you smell like an old rug.” Wow. Really? I think sometimes he even surprises himself.

This morning as I lay warm and comfy in my bed, I could hear the birds singing. The birds are singing! Ack! Grab my phone, it’s 6:40!! I’m supposed to wake up at 5:50! That is why there was no shower this morning. Luckily I’m 47 and old age is drying my skin and hair out so I don’t need to worry about shampooing my hair every day. I think it also means that it’s time for a real moisturizer not just the quality brand from the grocery. Luckily I had really oily skin as an adolescent, it has delayed the aging process which I try to tell my kids but apparently it is little consolation when you’re 12.

I overslept this morning because I muted my phone last night at a movie and forgot to unmute it. Trisha of the Impeccable Taste took me to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at the Hollywood Theatre. February 27 is Elizabeth Taylor’s birthday (I missed hers by one day but I do share a birthday with Jackie Gleason, which makes more sense.)

The resemblance between me and Jackie is clear.

The showing last night was a fund raiser for DaVinci Middle School and Cascade AIDS Project put on by Liza Wilding, Dame Liz’s granddaughter who is a Portland native and still lives in Portland. Who knew?! Well I’m sure plenty of people but not me. So I sat in the row behind Liz Taylor’s granddaughter so I’m not only looking good, I’m fairly famous.

The fete included little cupcakes with violet frosting (“because of her eyes”), an alum of DaVinci who’s now in NYC “off off off Broadway” and looks a bit like Buster Poindexter, a tribute from the granddaughter, and the movie. The cupcakes were tasty and the granddaughter (and great granddaughter) were sincere and charming. So that leaves us with Buster. Buster has a deep rich baritone. He took the stage and sang “Get Happy” while a slide show of the EVER beautiful Liz Taylor ran on the screen. Do you know this song? It’s a great song, made famous by Judy Garland and while this may seem counter-intuitive, it’s a happy song. Trish noted correctly that he sang it like a dirge while reading the lyrics from his lime green Iphone. It was odd. Buster then sang “How Great Thou Art”. Another favorite of mine and Elvis souled that song (get it), Buster just never let it rip. Important party tip: if you want to see my sister Katie lose her shit dancing let her get a couple of hours of drinking in and then let fly some Elvis gospel music.

For the finale, he sang “Happy Birthday”, and was able to make that sound weird, too.

As for the movie, I had never seen it before in its entirety. It is really good and Liz and Paul Newman are beautiful. Really beautiful movie stars. Did you watch the Oscars on my birthday? I did and I have some comments. The internet has been full of stories about Angelina Jolie’s right leg’s behavior on Sunday. One story is about how “furious” she is at being mocked. Here’s the thing Angie, if you don’t want people to make fun of you…don’t exhibit bizarre posing behavior during global broadcasts. And can someone puhleezzzeee write an article about WHY she did that?! What in the world was she doing? And another thing Ang, have a sandwich. Have an extra large steak sandwich with lots of cheese and mayo on it.

I would love to have such a sandwich but I won’t. I had my birthday weigh in and I am down a total of 8 pounds!

Damn I’m good.

PS no malice toward the real Buster Poindexter/David Johansen, whom I really dig.


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