Of Sensory Movements and Superheroes

I’m turning into a 47-year-old on Sunday.  I gained a half pound this week, which should not be surprising since I had this for dinner during Whidbey Weekend:

Ribeye photo courtesy of Maggie

That’s right, that is a 32-ounce bone-in ribeye steak, barely cooked, seared so it was crusted on the outside and bloody red rare on the inside! I didn’t eat the whole thing because I am so dainty and the menu clearly said it was for 2 so I let Deren have some, too.

I have lost a total of 7 pounds since starting my diet on January 3. I guess that’s pretty good. I bet it will get even better if I start to exercise.

My friend, Danni and I went Bollywood Dancing last night. We both had on workout clothes because it was a Bollywood Dancing class not just a night out on the town Bollywood dancing, which is what my sister thought I was doing. The Evite for the class clearly stated that the class started at 7 and ended at 9. Danni and I arrived at the Studio at 6:50 p.m.  The studio is a heavily incensed and draped space, it is a “sensory-based movement practice”. The smell was overwhelming, not if I were going to have a foot massage but for working out, the air felt burdensome. The rather imperious receptionist asked if we were there for Bollywood and we said yes, because we were. She told us that the Nia class was just getting out and the Bollywood class would begin at 7:30. Hmm.

What should we do? I didn’t want to disappoint Danni nor did I feel like sitting there for 40 minutes when I could go home and get in bed with a good crossword puzzle. Danni made a very good point that we really only had a couple of minutes to slip out before someone who knew us showed up and then we’d have to stay. So we got the hell out quickly. We did have to climb five flights of stairs to get there and we took the stairs to the 3rd level of the parking garage so that’s movement.

The studio’s website says, “sensory-based living as a pleasurable way to achieve lasting health, wellness and fitness.”  We mock what we don’t know, right? So yes I am mocking sensory-based living.

Danni also gave me a beautiful silver cuff bracelet for my birthday. She bought one for herself which she told me I could borrow if I’m ever doing any role playing and I’m Oh Mighty Isis.

Speaking of superheroes, while on Whidbey Island last weekend, I found this comic book in an antique store.

Super Pope image courtesy of Sister Margaret Mary

Just in time for Lent! And if you look at it closer, you can see Pope John Paul II spring into action with his Popian Cape on!

I’m just begging for a seat in hell.

8 thoughts on “Of Sensory Movements and Superheroes

      1. Yuuuum. and thank you, I think I am going to start a separate poem thing and keep this as my other shiz. Thank you for asking, I am doing much better today, but I still haven’t gone back to my house since Wednesday. The courage for that should be coming any moment now…

  1. Save a seat in hell for me too 😉 Oh and, I know I grew up in the 60’s but I loathe incense so I think you were very wise to scarper when you did!

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