Red Flag and Other Notes from the Weekend

I’m very happy to report that I have been offered a job to blog for money. I don’t know how much money but remuneration of some sort is coming my way. I’m an auction junkie and have chaired many of them for my daughters’ schools. Now that I’m working full time, I don’t have time to put on an auction. However, I am friends with the auctioneer I have used for so many years, Kelly Russell and I clerk for her from time to time. I sent Kelly a link to this blog and she wants me to write her blog and her newsletter! Yay for me!

If you want to send up an immediate Scarlet Red Flag to WordPress …. title a post “Paid Blogging”. And then step the hell out of the way! I didn’t know this, I’m glad I was told this and the WordPress people are really nice. WordPress and payment do not, I say NOT, go together. No posting anything that you are getting paid for, Just Don’t Do It.  Important safety tip. It was never my intent to post content that I was paid to write. OK well it kinda was but the point of the “Paid Blogging” post was to ask this community of writers, how much should I charge for such a service? I don’t want an hourly rate because that would require me to track my hours and that could be hard. I’m thinking I will charge some amount of money for entries which require me to attend an auction and another amount of money for blogs that are purely educational, event planning tips, etc.

My siblings offered these suggestions for compensation:

  • One meelion dollars (Molly)
  • 30. 30 blog units (John)
  • 7. (Katie)

If anyone out there has better suggestions than these, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

At no time, will I post anything I have been paid to write. Rejoice! You are getting this content for FREE!

Hollywood Issue, continued.

I watched Moneyball last night. It is a very entertaining, well-acted movie. I dig baseball movies. I preferred it to The Descendants. I guess I haven’t seen many movies with Brad Pitt in them because I’m fascinated by him. He’s very funny. I am deeply confused by his relationship with Angelina Jolie which is none of my business anyway. I have discovered that I really enjoy his movies. Or the three that I have seen. Moneyball probably wouldn’t be in Oscar contention in a better movie year than 2011 but I like it a lot for this year.

Stupid (Strange) Things My Boyfriend Says

Deren (boyfriend and biggest fan of mine) and I took  the dog for a walk yesterday afternoon. I was telling Deren about the previous night’s auction and my new blogging gig. He said, “I told you you would be famous.” Thanks honey but I don’t know if this actually qualifies as famous. He said, “There are varying degrees of fame. I didn’t say you would be Sally Jesse Famous.”

Ummm, whhuuuttt?? I’m not going to be Sally Jesse famous?! I’m not going to be as famous as Sally Jesse Raphael and have red glasses? What the hell am I doing this for if I’m not going to be that famous?! This is bullshit. Dreams dashed. Ego deflated. I will have to look for inspiration and motivation elsewhere for I am not to be Sally Jesse Famous.

This is not how famous I will be

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2 thoughts on “Red Flag and Other Notes from the Weekend

  1. Cheryl Hansen says:

    So sad that you no longer feel that you can aspire to Sally Jesse’s level of fame. Depressing. Perhaps Montel? Jerry Springer? I don’t know…..they pale in comparison to Sally Jesse. Dark day for you, my dear.

  2. […] will never be best-selling authors, who probably will never become J.K. Rowling wealthy or as famous as Sally Jesse Raphael, still write.  I love writing…if it’s blogging here or blogging for my Aunt Shanere or […]

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