My Diet — The Hollywood Issue

I don’t know if I mentioned this but after eating and drinking my way through San Francisco last weekend, the scale showed I had lost a half pound on Weigh In Wednesday! I have lost 6 lbs. since January 3!

My weight loss tips:

  • Drinking at least 64 oz of water a day is making my recent “fluttering bladder” diagnosis a bit more distressing. Middle age (if I live to be 92) is raining indignities upon me….fluttering bladder, whiskers, gray hair and acne. It’s a good look if you can get it. Oh but drinking the water helps with weight loss, too.
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter – Lite tastes like butter. It isn’t difficult for me to believe it’s not butter but it’s good fake butter.
  • Measuring and recording everything is important for dieters.
  • I bet a good exercise program (or an exercise program) would really kick this weight loss thing into gear!

While we are on the topic of eating in San Francisco, which we kind of are or we were up in the first sentence, if you are in SF you should try Annabelle’s….iceberg lettuce wedge salad, eat it! Get a Panini at the Sonoma Cheese Factory (I needed a lot of cheese after Day 1: Night). They also have free cheese tasting and one of the cheeses had lavender in it which Kitty thought tasted like eating sachet. I wish I could remember the name of the place we had breakfast on Sunday. I had crab cake Benedict and it was rrrrreally good. It’s a bistro next to the St. Francis Hotel.

I just TODAY figured out that St. Francis and San Francisco are referring to the same guy.  I’m not the sharpest cheese in the fridge.

I think now is a good time to mention that I love Tripadvisor. I review everything. Tripadvisor is another opportunity for me to complete things, to record and measure things. You may read about that obsession….here. I review restaurants, hotels, Disneyland….if I’ve been there, all of cyberspace is entitled to my opinion.

So enough of blogging about what I said this Blog was about.

On to the Oscars. I have some concerns regarding the 2011 movie year and I can no longer keep them to myself. I don’t think it was a very good year for movies. I love movies. I don’t love all movies. I am a critical movie watcher and rarely go to the theater to see a substandard movie or an action movie or a Smurf movie.

These are the Best Picture nominees for the 2011/2012 Academy Awards. I don’t know which year to reference. The movies had to be released in 2011 but the awards are in 2012. Google shows it both weighs. Both WAYS, (gahhh enough with the dieting!) Anyway, this year’s nominees:

The Artist — Haven’t seen it. Don’t really feel like seeing it b/c it’s a silent movie. It’s probably the Academy showing how avant-garde they are. Oh that crazy Academy.

The Descendants – I did see this. And I liked it. It has George Clooney in it and I almost married a guy who bears a striking resemblance to George. (See previous post featuring said fiance). Right, okay back to The Descendants, good movie, good story. The problem is George Clooney and I love him. Unfortunately in our media blitzed society, we know too much about movie stars. I know George Clooney isn’t a father, I know he doesn’t ever want to get married so I kept thinking thoughts like,

“I wonder if he was embarrassed that Elizabeth Canellis went on Dancing with the Stars?”

“What is she a star of?”

“Isn’t his new girlfriend on Dancing with the Stars?”

“I think the real stars were on Battle of the Network Stars back in ’77.”

Thinking all of those things distracts me from buying into George as a husband to a woman in a coma and the father of two girls. I think the movie would have been much better with a no name actor. And I sort of feel bad for actors like George or Julia Roberts for example. They are too much. I can’t watch them act anymore because they are just them, I can’t get past their celebrity to appreciate the character they are playing.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – haven’t seen it. The reviews weren’t that good. I read Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer who also wrote EL&IC (that’s what we in the industry call it.)  I didn’t care for Jonathan’s writing. There’s a good chance I’m just too dull to appreciate it, he’s publishing books that are made into movies so what the hell do I know?

The Help – Loved the book, Loved the movie, Love it all! It’s not often a movie lives up to the book on which it is based but this one did. You know what movie was better than the book? Bridges of Madison County. Book was a treacly bunch of melodrama but the movie was really really good.

Hugo — Didn’t see it. I wouldn’t mind seeing it,  I just haven’t.

Midnight in Paris — I loved this movie, too. It is a lovely, magical movie. A couple of my friends didn’t like the choice of Owen Wilson. They thought he was too whiny (not winey like me). I disagree. He was the Woody Allen character and Woody is a whiner. I thought Owen was charming and funny.

Moneyball — I have this dvd at home from Netflix and will watch it this weekend. I recently saw Burn After Reading. Brad Pitt is a funny guy. I don’t get his taste in women but he is funny.

The Tree of Life — Uh, no thanks. But clearly a hell of a year for Brad.

War Horse — Sigh. This is a really pretty movie. I love Steven Spielberg movies…I’m such a nut that Saving Private Ryan is a comfort movie to me. But really? This is a pretty movie and the acting is fine but it could have been written by Danielle Steel.

I also just watched The Ides of March thinking that it had been nominated for best picture which it wasn’t. It’s a good movie, I suppose I need to research the Ides of March reference to fully appreciate the film. I fully appreciated seeing George Clooney and Ryan Gosling for 90 minutes. I heart Ryan Gosling and I have since Remember the Titans (LOVE that movie).

I think Christopher Plummer is nominated for his role in The Beginners. The Beginners is a very fine movie that no one who has lost a loved one to cancer should ever EVER see. Clearly the guy who wrote it has gone through cancer with someone because he got it spot on which resulted in my sobbing almost hysterically (yes like the gasping can’t breathe steadily kind of crying in the theater) and the wonderful, empathetic Deren stared at me in pain and dismay till I yelled at him to leave me alone. You can see why he loves me so much.

So my point is that I greatly enjoyed many of these movies but this is the best of the best for 2011? Do these rank up there with “Gone with the Wind”, “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Godfather I and II”, “Schindler’s List”, “Apocalypse Now”, “Casablanca”, “The Kings Speech”?

And I can’t believe Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy wasn’t nominated but if there is justice in this world Gary Oldman will win an Oscar.

OK. I’m done.

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5 thoughts on “My Diet — The Hollywood Issue

  1. Cheryl Hansen says:

    Absolutely agree that this is not a stellar year for big Oscar-worthy movies. I too LOVED Midnight in Paris and Owen Wilson….loved it. Saw The Artist….loved the dog. But the rest of them. Eh. The Help was a nice movie….not an academy award film though…same with Moneyball and The Descendents. I lack enthusiasm for the movies but wait with baited breath for the red carpet fashion parade……….

  2. John O'Connor says:

    Silence of the Lambs…another movie that was better than the book.

    Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie…yeah, he’s nuts.

  3. Amy says:

    I haven’t seen any of these movies, which qualifies me to weigh in (see how I’m keeping this about the dieting nature of the blog?). Should there be a period after my closed paren? I get confused when being witty.

    Oh, I just remembered I did see Midnight in Paris and didn’t like Owen Wilson. I get he was being Woody, but I don’t especially like Woody, he’s annoying. The movie was very romantic and I love most anything that goes back in time. Like Downton Abbey, which should win an Oscar.

    I would like to see The Artist, but feel it may be in the running because it’s a silent movie, and not for any other reason. I think we’ll test this theory next time we’re together. I’ll open my ‘make a silent movie’ phone app and film us, then submit to Sundance. I’m sure we’ll win some sort of award.

    I agree with your G. Clooney point of view. Too much information about his real life has made it hard to suspend disbelief, a key component to art making (see ‘making our own silent movie’ remark above).

    And, The Beginners –Christopher Plummer played the part of the screenwriter’s Dad. I heard the writer interviewed on Teri Gross and his story of getting the movie made was amazing. But I don’t want to see it.

    I don’t have an urgent desire to see any of them, except the Ides of March because Ryan Gosling is a total fox.

    Oh, and congrats on the 6lbs! Yay!!!

  4. Yes…Bridges of Madison County… forgettable book, unforgettable film.

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