Back in the Saddle

or at least back on the scale. Today is Weigh In Wednesday so I weighed myself. I did not lose a pound NOR did I gain one which is the greater victory after slipping and falling into the chuck wagon the way I did last week.

Sparkpeople really does help in dieting. It has given me a framework to pick back up on diet and exercise when I cease to show any signs of self-discipline.  I really like Sparking, due in no small part, I’m sure, to my love of playing games, taking quizzes, tracking and measuring my actions, etc. (“It’s called obsessive/compulsive disorder.”)

When I was a kid, I loved to get the mail. I would hear the mail truck coming, crack open the front door and peer out so the mailman couldn’t see me but I would know when he was gone.  I didn’t want him to think I was just sitting in the house waiting for the mail to come. Hell, it was 1975, I was a goofy looking 10-year-old girl with corduroy cut-offs on, rainbow knee highs, and a shag haircut… I had places to go and people to see. Or not really. Back in the 70’s people sent and received mail: letters, postcards, written correspondence. I loved writing letters and there was usually a chance of my receiving a letter from a relative or my pen pal in Ireland. Sooo, I always wanted to get to the mail first. Although, what if I hadn’t brought the mail in as soon as it was in the box? (“Irrationality is part of  OCD.”) ANYWAY, even if I didn’t get a letter, sometimes there were flyers in the mailbox. I loved to fill in forms and I would fill in the boxes on the flyers and mail them back without my mother knowing and ultimately we would get a LOT of L’eggs pantyhose.

Sparkpeople allows me to satisfy my need to fill things in and I don’t wind up with a bunch of plastic eggs lying around.  (Coincidentally L’eggs eggs were big eggs, not as big as emu eggs but I think we can agree there’s an interesting egg theme woven through this blog.) Note: I’m already the oldest person in my office, please don’t make me feel any older by not knowing what L’eggs Eggs are.

So the food tracking is going pretty well (aside from my Fall from grace). There are some sticking points.

I MUST have popcorn at the movies. Movie popcorn is one of the worst foods in all of eating. I have stopped asking for the “butter flavoring” on the popcorn and in a small bucket so I can dip the popcorn in it (not really but that would be good). The new, 3 lb. lighter Maggie either buys a small, plain popcorn or I budget my calories to go for the medium. I don’t like sharing so any sharing plan needs to be discussed before purchase. If my movie partner says they don’t want any popcorn, they better damn well mean it.

My issue is exercise. I’m doing a reasonably good job but I’m pretty sure that I need to pick up the pace to be successful in my weight loss quest. My exercise consists of walking the dog, walking myself or doing Just Dance on the Wii. Oh! or the Boot Camp video I found on Netflix. The dog walk is good, walking alone is brisker and more effective, the Just Dance is definitely good cardio but I look like an idiot.

I wish they had Just Dance ’80s version. (There very well may be an ‘80s version but I don’t know about it and have done no research to see if it exists.) I don’t know any of the songs on Just Dance and I don’t know the moves. As much as my Deney Terrio Boyfriend and mean sister try to persuade me that it’s not true, I am a good dancer. Or I was till they started telling me I’m not and then I became too self-conscious to get down. Last night, my daughter, Annie, was supportive of my Just Dance efforts and brought me water so I didn’t faint and wrote a motivational message on the white board but even she was smirking at my attempts to dance to a Ke$ha song. (And Ke$ha, nice spelling.) No matter, I will continue my dance groove moves — I can tell it’s a good workout. I suppose anything is a good workout if you thrash your arms around enough.

I need to be better about the Strength training.  SparkPeople supplies the exercises, has video demonstrations of them and all I have to do is do the exercises. I like the exercises and I’m becoming more comfortable with the blue rolly foam thingy. My workout includes doing push ups with my hands on the blue rolly thing, which isn’t bad because I have freakish upper body strength. It also calls for putting my knees on the blue thing, hands on the ground and rolling in and out. I like that. I know the blue thing is meant to be rolled on to release tight muscles in hips, calves, etc. I have seen people do this. When I have attempted this in the privacy of my own home, I wind up not rolling but rather draped over the blue thing with my body on the floor on either side of the blue thing and my dog standing over me smelling my face.

There has to be a better way.  


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