I am changing my blog over to WordPress from the other site. I needed a site more challenging. I wanted to find a way to make my blog more attractive while, at the same time, proving how creatively and technologically-challenged I am. Somethingfathappened is the result and no, I can’t figure out how to put spaces between the words, so don’t bother asking me about it.

I was doing really well for a couple of weeks on my diet and I lost 3 pounds. I don’t think that Weigh In Wednesday is going to be Weight Loss Wednesday this week. It’s because of Wine.

Wine is a problem for the fat lady. I started this blog originally on the website which I’m using to help me lose weight. The Sparkpeople appear to be determinedly cheerful, very positive, very sincere, very serious about their weight loss goals and their blogging. They are virtual community cheerleaders! This is Effortless! You can do it! You are worth it! Many of them are probably losing weight for health reasons or self-esteem or health reasons. I bet not one of them is doing it to fit into a winter coat.

Anyway, on Sparkpeople, Sparkpersons are to enter everything they eat everyday to find out how many calories, fat units, carbs, etc they are eating. It has definitely caused me to pay attention to what I’m eating. Here’s where the problem comes in, I think they want me to enter everything I drink, too. See? Do I really REALLY want to know how many calories and other things are in 750 ml of Pinot Gris?

Oh wait, you say, that’s the problem Maggie… you only have to enter what you drink, not the whole bottle! Oh yeah right, I get it but here’s the thing…. I drink the whole bottle every damn time. Why drink just a glass? That’s calories for nothing. I don’t know how many calories but it’s some number of calories. And unless I am going to have the satisfaction of drinking the whole bottle why drink anything? Also, do I put pinot gris under dinner? or snack?

Actually the drinking isn’t the problem. Some people may classify it as a problem but it’s not my particular problem at this time. The problem, in the weight loss sense, is prepping for the wine. I’m simply not cut out to be one of those really skinny alcoholic types who don’t bother with food consumption. My father always said to eat before you drink so you don’t throw up on an empty stomach.

I need to prep for my pinot gris. I need to be sure to eat plenty during the day so I’m not drinking on an empty stomach. I have to eat a good dinner or heavy snack rotation to keep absorbing as the pinot gris gets to work. And if I drink the bottle…if? who am I kidding?! when I drink the bottle, at the very least the next day I’m going to need a sesame bagel and cream cheese for breakfast if not an egg and sausage sammich.

This is a dieting dilemma that I will bet is not covered on Sparkpeople.


2 thoughts on “Wining.

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